NameBranderz was a company started in California. It was meant to be a talent development and artistic curation company centered around creating outlets for grassroots artists to gain exposure. Since then, it’s founder has been able to work in stage production and has served as a leader for one of the largest content distributors in the world. Today, the focus of NameBranderz has slightly shifted, moving more in the direction of grassroots “snackable” content curation and distribution through mobile platforms using a business model that allows content creators to receive immediate income from their work, while launching and expanding their personal brands. Hence the name, Name Branderz (NameBranderz). We have partnered with a number of production teams between NY and LA to help develop what might seem like a simple instagram video into content being view by millions while you are paid residuals. We have created a business model that will allow us to pay local artists for select content while growing our referral and talent development bases. Our goal will be to start at the ground level partnering with like minded creatives in an effort to deliver quality content to the masses.